Tuesday, January 24, 2017
  • OEC Refresher C Course Registration Instructions (2016-17)


    1. Instructors of Record only register Refresher Cycle C. See the Instructor Guide for how to register courses in the new system. People do not need an NSP course number to use the online refresher, however.
    2. There is no separate Instructor Refresher course in the database. In the Notes field please place the comment “Instructor Only Refresher.”
    3. Patrollers click on the Online Learning Center link on the NSP Member Services (current system) or Member Resources (new system) web page where they will be taken to the Knowledge Direct web login page https://nsp.knowledgedirectweb.com/kd/10.cfm
    4. Patrollers who completed the OEC Refresher A and/or B online course should already have a Knowledge Direct user name and password and may log in using those credentials. The default user name and password that was loaded in 2014-15 was the patroller’s email address so that may work for most patrollers. Because the request was made to move the course out of the NSP store, OEC Refresher login credentials are not the same as NSP member services or store login credentials.
    5. Patrollers who did not complete the Refresher A and/or B online course are new students. New students should use the Access Code: nsponline

      If necessary, previous students can click on the Forget Password link to recover their password via email.


    6. Use of either Chrome or Firefox browsers is recommended. Please avoid use of Internet Explorer and the new Edge browser because its compatibility with the software used to build the course has not been fully tested.
    7. After login, patrollers will select the Available Courses tab on the page shown below.

    8. On that tab, patrollers will select Add in the red box at the bottom right corner of the OEC Refresher Cycle C 2016 description.

    9. As shown, the Course Price is Free. Select Add Course in the grey box.

    10. After the course is selected, it will appear in the My Courses tab and is ready for launch.

    11. Patrollers will be asked to enter their Member ID and either their patrol name or number on first access to the course. IORs can request a list of patrol members and/or visitors who have completed the online course by contacting Sheila Summers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Because all patrollers are enrolled in a single course, IORs will not be assigned an Instructor role in the learning management system.
    12. After the final module is completed, patrollers should return to the course main page in the Training Menu where a course survey will appear in the top right corner of the course list of activities. Completion of the course survey is required to print a certificate. If the button does not show right away, please log out and log back in.

    13. After the survey is complete, patrollers should return to the Course main page where a Print Certificate button will appear in the top right corner of the course list of activities (as below).

    Here is a PDF of this page to e-mail to your patrollers:  OEC-Refresher-C-2016-instruction.pdf

    Debra Wright
    Intermountain Division
    OEC Supervisor
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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