New in 2017 is the requirement set by NSP for all patrollers complete a National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System level 100 (ICS100) online training course offered by FEMA.  All patrollers are expected to complete this training within the next membership year, ending December, 2019.  As a federally-chartered incident response organization, our members need to be prepared to operate within an incident command structure in the event of a Mass Casualty Incident or 9/11 style terrorist event.  Having our members fully trained also makes the NSP eligible for federal grants and similar federal program funding.

Patrollers -

The ICS100 course is self-paced.  Register and compete it at your convenience.  It is online and takes about an hour. 

FEMA uses a three-step process.

1.  The online course can be found here: ICS 100 Training - go through the 106 slides at your own pace.  No login or account needed.

2.  If you don't already have one, to take the final exam you will need to create a FEMA Student ID (SID) by filling in this form:
On completion, you will receive two e-mails from FEMA SID Help Desk, one with your new ID number and the other with your temporary password to view your profile.

3.  Once you have completed reading the course materials, the last page of the course (slide 106) will have a link to take the Exam, credit it to your SID, and download or print your completion certificate  Link to Exam.

Once completed, your ICS100 completion certificate needs to be submitted to your patrol, preferably at this year's OEC refresher.

Your patrol will provide specific information about registering for an ICS100 course at the website, the same way that you register for your OEC refresher.  There is no additional classroom or refresher time involved - simply passing the ICS100 course at FEMA / NIMS and providing your certificate is all that is needed to pass the NSP's ICS100 course to post your completion into the NSP database.

For now, just work ahead and complete your Cycle B Refresher study guide and your ICS100 online course.  Your patrol will let you know how to submit your certificate.

Patrol Directors and Refresher IOR's -

We suggest that:

  • your refresher OEC IOR registers your annual OEC Refresher and obtains an NSP course number,
  • any instructor the patrol director designates (can be an instructor for any discipline, and for convenience may also be your OEC IOR) registers a course for recording ICS100 completion and obtains an NSP course number,
  • optional but convenient - also have your on-hill OET IOR register your annual toboggan refresher and obtain an NSP course number,
  • as your patrol sends out your refresher preparation e-mail to your patrol's members, ask each patroller to register for all three of these course numbers in one visit to so they are ready for the season when they arrive at your refresher. 

In addition to completing the OEC online study guide and bringing their Cycle B Online certificate of completion in preparation for this year's OEC refresher, that they also bring their ICS 100 certificate of completion to your refresher registration (or e-mail it to the IOR.)  After the refresher is over, the IOR for the ICS100 course closes this course using the same process as closing the OEC Refresher course, indicating which enrolled patrollers submitted their certificate so that their completion record at NSP will reflect that they have meet this requirement.  Note that by registering and then closing an ICS100 course, the IOR is simply certifying that he or she has seen evidence from FEMA that the listed patrollers have met this on-time requirement.

We also recommend that those conducting full OEC courses for new patrollers also register an ICS100 course for their students so that anyone coming into your patrol will have met this requirement during their OEC training and already have this completion documented when you add them to your patrol.  "Once and done."