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From the Desk of IMD Division Director: Bill Sinykin



I hope this communication finds you all well and enjoying your Spring/Summer. I will share with all of you some general NSP and Intermountain Division news.

Our new National Chair of the Board of Directors is Rick Boyce from the Far West Division. Rick is a first-year board member which adds to the challenge of his position. However, he has definitely engaged and is working hard to initiate change and head our organization in a positive direction. Rick was heavily involved in the new Learning Management System creation and implementation. This system will bring many new possibilities and opportunities to our organization. The office is also working on upgrades to our database and website under the guidance of our new CEO Chris Castellan. Positions of office staff are almost all filled and with some outstanding individuals. In summary, we should be looking at a positive future as we move forward into the coming years.

In the Intermountain Division, we have had a number of changes and additions to our Division staff and leadership in the programs. You can see all of the new names on our Division website imd-nsp.org.  We are in a stable financial position and our new Treasurer/Registrar is doing an outstanding job managing our finances, registrations, and IRS reporting requirements.

I and several of our program supervisors attended the meetings (DD Team and Board) and Powderfall at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado. Reports and updates from these activities will be forthcoming during our Annual Board meeting (August 5th and 6th, 2022) at Pine Creek Ski Area in Cokeville, Wyoming. Detailed information and registration guidance will be coming out soon.

This board meeting will mark the end of our standard two-year terms for the Division Director and the Northern and Southern Assistants. Our elections coordinator is Scott Eskelson (also our Division Legal representative). Per our bylaws, anyone interested in being a candidate for any of these positions must submit a letter of intent to be a candidate accompanied by a short resume and platform statement. This communication must reach Scott Eskelson (nominations coordinator) 30 days prior to the Board meeting or earlier.

The end of this term will mark the eight years that I have served as your Division Director. It has been an outstanding and rewarding experience. At this time, I have not decided if I will seek another term. I would encourage anyone who feels that they are qualified and have the time to devote to this job to step forward as a candidate. I look forward to seeing everyone in August at Pine Creek.


Best Regards,

Bill Sinykin