National Alumni Patrol Mission Statement:

"To utilize the expertise, knowledge and energies of those who have retired from active patrolling while extending them recognition, dignity and rewards that they have earned."

How to retain your ties to the National Ski Patrol as an Alumnus or Alumna

Leaving active service as a patroller doesn't have to mean saying good-bye to the National Ski Patrol. If patrolling has been an important part of your life, and you'd like to continue that enjoyable relationship with the NSP and your Patrol or another Patrol, why not consider the Alumni Membership status?

Here are just some of the ways in which you could continue to participate:*

  • Help with the Basic, Senior, and Candidate OEC program.
  • Training, evaluation, registration, the annual cycle fresher or as patient, bystander, moulage, or even with the SEMM set-up.
  • Help the Awards Advisor at your local patrol with research, mailing and filling out forms.
  • Help coordinate needs of a banquet (e.g. reservations, obtaining the banquet room & table decorations, "gag" awards, skits - organize an event)
  • Host/Hostess or ambassadors for the ski area
  • OEC Instructor
  • Patrol/Division/National level historian (if available)
  • Supply coordinator at your local resort (if available)
  • Record coordinator at your local resort (if available)
  • Fund-raisers for your favorite Patrol
  • Public safety talks
  • Newsletter editor/writer

Sound interesting?  Here's the official scoop.

If you are a former patroller and you would like to maintain an affiliation with the National Ski Patrol, there's a place for you as an NSP Alumni Member.

What is an Alumni Member?

An alumni member is a special registration category for people who, for various reasons, no longer wish to provide emergency care or rescue services but wish to continue their involvement with the National Ski Patrol.

The NSP alumni members started in 1977 to maintain contact with former members and keep them informed of national events and activities. Today, the alumni members total more than 2,200 nationally.

Why should I join?

By joining as an Alumni Member, you can continue to be a part of the largest winter rescue organization in the world. Better yet, your involvement provides you with an opportunity to support the national organization on a new level.

To become an Alumni Member, you won't be required to fulfill any additional skill or educational requirements; however, depending upon local needs and your experience, you might be asked to serve in an advisory capacity to local units (e.g.. Patrols) of the NSP, for example during annual refreshers or as an OEC instructor*.

Several areas have already taken advantage of their alumni's local knowledge and experience. A valued force within the NSP, alumni members often attend ski patrol public relations events, help recruit new members, provide administrative and OEC help, give safety talks, and participate in other community service activities.

Regardless of the scope of your involvement, becoming an alumni member enables you to contribute to the success of ski patrolling at the local or any other level within the NSPS.

What other benefits do I receive?

As an Alumni Member, you will receive:

  • a subscription to Ski Patrol Magazine
  • access to NSP Winter Catalog merchandise
  • the opportunity to participate in all NSP-sponsored events

How much does it cost?

Regular fee: Alumni dues are only $27 annually, $17 of which covers administrative costs, and the remaining $10 is returned to the Division with which the alumni member is affiliated.

Lifetime membership fee: Active patrollers who are lifetime members keep that status upon becoming an alumni member. Patrollers who wish to become an alumni member, as lifetime members, may do so for a one-time fee of $400, which helps support the NSP endowment fund. They will receive a Lifetime Membership Pin and a walnut framed Lifetime Membership Certificate.

How do I join?

Simply print and fill out the application form and mail it, along with the membership fee, to the National Ski Patrol, 133 South Van Gordon Street, Suite 100, Lakewood, CO 80228. Please make the check payable to National Ski Patrol. (To print the application form, first, display it with your browser, and then either click the "print" button or choose "File" and then "Print..." from the menus.)

You can also contact, Member Service Specialist at (303) 988-1111, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Alumni membership benefits you personally, and your financial support helps ensure a strong and viable organization dedicated to ski safety and quality education programs.

Now that I've joined, how do I get started?

If you are planning to be affiliated with a Patrol, perhaps the first person to talk with would be the Patrol Representative or Alumni Representative. You could begin to discuss the assignments and responsibilities you might assume.

*Some of these activities require continued recertification and may require additional training and certification.

Thank you Nancy Elliott-Miya, for permission to reprint her list of "some of the ways in which a patroller can continue to participate" with the NSP.