Barbara D. Campbell

Barbara D. Campbell, 85, passed away at her home in Providence on Oct. 17, 2012.

Barbara was an avid skier and joined the Beaver Mountain Ski Patrol as an auxiliary patroller. At the time Barbara joined the ski patrol, auxiliary patrollers were not part of the National Ski Patrol. Barbara encouraged and lobbied the NSP to allow auxiliary patrollers to be part of the system at NSP ski areas.

The necessary changes were made and in recognition of her efforts, Barbara was awarded the Yellow Merit Star, one of the highest awards given by the NSP. Barbara was awarded Auxiliary Patroller of the Year by Beaver Mountain in 1983-84. In 1985 she also was recognized Outstanding Auxiliary Ski Patroller for the Intermountain Division of the NSP.   In 2002, Barbara served as a first aid volunteer at the Salt Lake Olympics.

Barbara married Clyde Joseph Campbell in 1946 following his discharge from the U.S. Navy after the conclusion of World War II. Barbara and Clyde met for the first time at the ice rink in Logan and were inseparable thereafter.  Barbara and Clyde each served more than 30 years on the ski patrol. The "Barbara and Clyde Campbell Beaver Mountain Ski Patrol First Aid Facility," completed in 2000, was named after Barbara and Clyde in recognition of their numerous contributions to the ski patrol and Beaver Mountain.