Getting Started:

There are many reasons to become an instructor ... the fame, the short hours, the high pay ...

Within the NSP, there are two steps to the process:

Phase 1 - Take the Instructor Development course which is in part a self-paced online course and in part practice teaching in a patrol environment, either in a classroom or on the hill.  This generic "How To Teach" course has the highlights of a four-year college degree in Education for effectively teach adult students wrapped up in a 12-hour course.  [Read More]

Phase 2 - Undergo Instructor mentoring for and practice teach the specific discipline you wish to become an NSP certified instructor.  This phase makes sure you can properly describe and demonstrate the skills specific to the course you will be teaching such as first aid skills, sled handling techniques, and emergency incident management.   [Read More]


 Once you have your Instructor rating, you have to use it or lose it.  You are expected to teach a portion of a course or refresher every year, attend a one-day Instructor (Recertification, Workshops or Refreshers, depending on the discipline) every three years, and have your teaching supervised by an Instructor Trainer acting as a mentor to have your certification renewed.  Instructor (Recertification, Workshops or Refreshers) are conducted by each discipline.  Jump to the training page for your discipline for more details.


Discipline Refresher Usually held Link to details
Outdoor Emergency Care OEC Instructor Recertification Once a year, second Saturday of June [Read More]
Skier/Boarder Training Ski Trainer's Workshop First Weekend in January on alternating Years [Read More]
Toboggan Training Toboggan Trainer's Workshop First Weekend in January on alternating Years [Read More]
Instructor Development Train the Trainer IT Refreshers TBD [Read More]
Nordic, MTR & Avalanche Tri-Advisory Workshop TBD [Read More]